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Upload An Image To TinEye And Find Similar Matching Images Instantly

For years, startups have been trying to create a reverse image search engine, but have not been successful so far. TinEye is the only reverse image search engine that actually works. At first I shrugged it off since I knew the results won’t be as accurate as they calm, but I was wrong. Unlike Google Image Search, TinEye uses image identification technology rather than using keywords, watermarks, or metadata.

tineye logo

Just upload an image, or enter the URL of the image, it will then search the database for similar images and display the results immediately. The results during my testing came out to be surprisingly accurate.

similiar matching image

On the results page you will find your image on top, followed by other similar results. You can also see further details such as size, resolutions, format, name, and URL of the page where it is located.

So how is this useful? Well, you can check who else is using the image, who is the author behind this image, find better resolutions of this image, and discover modified version of the image. Most importantly, you can find out which webpage is using your image that you created. To search images from any website, you can install the browser plugin or bookmarklet. Enjoy!


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