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Upload And Share Any Type Of File On Twitter With FileSocial

Sharing photos and videos on twitter is easy.  But when it comes to sharing compressed files, music, etc, you will first have to upload it to a file host, make the URL short, and then share it on Twitter. Well, not anymore.

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FileSocial is a free service that let’s you upload and share an type of files on Twitter. Just sign in with your Twitter account, select the file and it’s description and hit Upload. The maximum limit is 20MB/file and formats such as pdf, jpg, doc, txt, zip, rar, mov, avi and mp3 are also supported.

upload files to twitter

The moment you hit Upload, your file will be uploaded and shared on twitter automatically. If you don’t want to share your file at the moment and only want to upload it, you can check the Don’t Post On Twitter checkbox before hitting Upload.

Once your file has been uploaded and posted on twitter, your followers can view your file by downloading it and also leave comments. There is a build-on public timeline where you can find all recently uploaded files. Enjoy!


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