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Use Advanced Gmail Operators To Search Inbox Messages

So your Gmail inbox is full of Photos, Important files, and messages from family, friends, and co-workers? Searching for a specific email message from a pool of thousands of messages is quite a challenge. Just like Google has advanced search operators, Gmail has it’s own set of operators. You can find the Advanced Search Operators for Gmail with various examples here.

Obviously, not everyone can memorize these operators, so is there any easy way out? Search Autocomplete is a Gmail labs application that provides search suggestions for contacts and operators as you type in the search box. To install this Gmail add-on, navigate to your Gmail Inbox Settings > Labs and Enable it from there.

search auto complete add-on gmail

Once enabled, try typing any search operator in the search bar and it will recommend some operators for you, thus saving you the time to memorize and write all the operators.

gmail advanced operators

According to Zach Yeskel, Product Marketing Manager at Google there are a few other ways to apply filter to your inbox, such as,

  • "to:me is:starred" shows all messages sent directly to you that are starred
  • "is:chat from:heather" shows all chat conversations you had with Heather
  • "is:starred -in:inbox" shows all your starred messages that aren’t in your inbox (a good way to find anything important that you might have accidentally archived)
  • "from:elliot filename:pdf" shows all messages from Elliot that have a pdf attachment

As you can see, by applying these operators the results will further filter out and give you exactly what you were looking for. For more, check out Xoopit and 10 Useful GMail Tips. Enjoy!

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