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Use Facebook ‘Mobile Upload Email Address’ To Post Updates From Google+

Google+ has obviously been perceived as a threat to Facebook; with the multitudes of apps and extensions aimed at pulling your Facebook data and exporting it to Google+, Facebook has had its work cut out trying to block them all. The limited number of Google+ invites coupled with Facebook’s no-one-use-Google+ efforts means it will be some time before anyone can fully migrate to the new service but for early adopters who have scored a Google+ account and are using it resiliently, there is a way to update Google+ from Facebook using the mobile upload email address provided by Facebook and keep the best of both worlds updated.

Facebook Mobile

Sign in to Facebook and visit the mobile page (www.facebook.com/mobile), copy the email address and  add it as a contact in Google+. You might want to create a separate and exclusive circle for it. Whenever you post an update or status message to Google+, make sure you include the circle with your Facebook mobile upload account.

Google  update

If you don’t want an update going to your Facebook wall, simply exclude the circle when you post an update on Google+. Your Facebook wall will be updated within seconds of posting on Google+ as ‘Via Email’.


[via Lifehacker]


  1. I think this is happening because Google wants us to use its Chrome and Chrome extensions only. If you use Chrome (aka “the CPU hog”), you can add a Google extension called Start+ which not only allows you to post giant messages to FB, but you can also read your FB wall on the G+ stream. I don’t like Chrome because of its Chrome Helper ap that starts running as soon as you come across Flash anywhere on the web and it continues running even after Chrome is shut down, eating up 97% of the CPU and making my laptop sound as if it’s going to take off. It’s an old issue that many users of Chrome have, but, for some reason Google has not addressed it.

    Another problem with using Google-only browser extensions is the loss of privacy when they access all info on FB.

  2. I did this a few days and my FB was updating fine when I originated the update in G+.

    However now my facebook status no longer updates when I include my facebook circle on G+. I think facebook has caught on and is blocking status updates that originate through G+.

    Anybody else ?

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