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It’s All Text! Use Your Favorite Text Editor To Edit Text Areas [Firefox]

There are occasions when you have to do excessive typing on an Internet browser text area. In such cases, it is simpler if you could just open the text editor of your choice and use it to make all the text entries. It’s All Text is a Firefox add-on that lets you edit any text area on the browser window using your favorite text editor.

By default, the add-on appears on the lower right of any text area. You will see a blue edit icon here, that will allow you to launch the specified text editor. To specify the text editor, right-click the edit icon and click Preferences. Click Browse in the Editor box and navigate to the text editor, for instance, MS Word, Notepad etc. You can also change the edit button position to upper left, upper right, lower left or disable it completely. The Preferences window also lets you specify a hot key to launch the text editor.


Once your favorite text editor is open, simply type any text and hit Ctrl+S to save the text. This will also make the text appear in the website “text area”. This is useful if you wish to do all the typing in your favorite desktop text editor, rather than typing directly in the text area.

It supports Firefox version 3.5 and above.

It’s All Text Add-on For Firefox

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