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View Desktop Notifications For YouTube Video Playback [Chrome]

Chrome is a web browser (and sometimes it tries to be an operating system), and while its speed and clean interface is what comes to mind when you ask what makes it so good but there are more features to it that developers love taking advantage of like the built-in desktop notifications. There are a ton of extensions available that will notify if you have new email in Gmail, if you a new song is played on Pandora or if one of your Google contacts signs in. Now Playing Pop-up For YouTube is a tiny but handy extension for Google Chrome that notifies you every time a new song on YouTube is changed. The title of the song, along with the artist’s name, is displayed as a desktop notification. So, whenever you’re listening to a playlist or channel and working online at the same time, you will be able to view the song and artist’s name in a pop-up. The nice thing is that the notifications are displayed even when you’re visiting a different site or the Chrome window is minimized. With it, you can always keep track of the songs that you’re listening to, and if you don’t really like a song, you can quickly change it by looking at the title instead of waiting for it to start.

The extension will work automatically once you’ve installed it. Whenever a new video is played, you will be able to see the full song and artist’s name in a small bubble. It might not seem to have much purpose since you know what video is playing but if you’ve clicked on a playlist made by another user or are just watching/listening to one of your own playlists, Now Playing Pop-up For YouTube will tell you whenever the video changes. This lets you continue working in whatever tab you are on but still know what’s currently running in YouTube. If you have a slow connection, the notification will tell which video is playing long before it even buffers its first second and you can identify it by listening to the first few seconds of it.

desktop notification

Now Playing Pop-up For YouTube enhances your YouTube browsing experience, and all the music junkies out there will definitely love it. The extension works seamlessly, has no options or settings whatsoever, and can be installed from the link below. We’re a reviewed similar extension for Pandora; the Pandora Desktop Notification tells you when a song changes.

Install Now Playing Pop-up For YouTube For Google Chrome

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