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View Docs Online – Quickly Open Any Documents Online

Do you have Microsoft Office(doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pps, xls, xlsx), PDF(pdf, ps), Open Office(odt, odp, sxw, sxi, etc), or Text(txt, rtf) documents that you want to open online? Suppose you receive an email with any one of the above mentioned documents, what will you do?

View Docs Online is a free service that lets you open almost any type of popular documents online. Instead of downloading a client that can open such document, you can simply enter the URL of the document and this service will open it instantly.

Here is how it works, you can either upload a file from your computer or simply enter the URL of the Document, and click View Document.

As an example, I created a test Microsoft Word 2007 and PDF document and uploaded it to the service. The results were impressive.

view docs online main

You can also share, embed, or save the document. Any document can also be exported to PDF format.

This service has been created by Denis Remondini, the man behind PDF Download(most famous Firefox add-on to handle PDF documents) and Open IT Online(awesome Firefox add-on that we have previously covered on AT). Enjoy!


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