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View Flash In Full Screen With Chrome Extension For Flash Game Junkies

Flash isn’t just for watching videos as some game junkies will testify; there’s a whole world of Flash games and there are people who are down right nuts about them and they might find it annoying that not all games can be played in full screen mode. Full Screen Flash is a Chrome extension that automatically detects flash content on a web page and lets you view it in full screen by clicking on the extension icon in the URL bar.

FullScreen Flash

The extension remains in the background until it detects flash content on a page; the page must load fully for the icon to appear in the bar. It may flake on a few game sites so it’s best to wait for the game to load and go to full screen before hitting the play button on a game. A slight shortcoming with the extension is that it doesn’t let you choose which flash content you want to view in full screen so if you’re on a page that has multiple flash frames, the extension won’t work right.

Install Full Screen Flash For Chrome

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