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View YouTube Search Results In Grid Layout [Firefox]

Youtube is undoubtedly the most popular way to watch videos of just about anything, but the free service isn’t just used to for watching music videos or babies doing something cute and funny. Youtube has become an online help site where people upload instructional videos on just about everything from the use of Photoshop to car repair. So when you’re looking for instructions and information, how convenient is it to scroll an entire page of video results? For those who find it somewhat difficult to compare duplicate videos or see which videos have been uploaded by the same user, GridTube is a Firefox extension that lets you view Youtube search results in a grid layout making it easier to find the right video.


The extension runs in the background, no buttons and no bars whatsoever, simply install it and start searching Youtube. The extension will show the same number of results as the old layout, but now you get more results in fewer scrolls and of course, clicking to the next page will be faster.

Install GridTube For FireFox

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