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View YouTube, Wikipedia, Twitter & Others’ Results In Google Search [Chrome]

Often, we browse multiple services for the same search term. Not only is this tiring, but can also be a time consuming process. If this is the case, then a Chrome extension, Sidebar, enhances your Google search by adding results from some very useful services, such as Wikitionary, Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter in a sidebar. This sidebar is added to the right hand side of Google Search results, which lets you quickly browse through search results of multiple services, without having to open new tabs or windows. Sidebar can be useful for people who regularly look up search terms on different services, such as, Wikipedia, Google or YouTube, and can save a lot of time and effort. The extension allows you to enable/disable services in the sidebar, as well as their positions. Furthermore, you can set the maximum number of YouTube videos that will be displayed in the sidebar.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that a sidebar is added to the right side of Google Search results. This sidebar consists of results from YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Wikitionary and Wikipedia. In order to change the search engines being displayed in the sidebar, you can go to the extension’s options, and enable/disable particular search engines according to your preferences. A minimum of four videos from YouTube are displayed in the side bar, and you can easily increase the number of these videos from the options.

sidebar Youtube results

The order the search results from a service appear in and the size of individual services in the sidebar can easily be changed from the extension’s options. All services are listed with a checkbox next to each one for enabling or disabling it. The up/down arrows allow you to change the order of the results as they appear on the Google search results page.  The Sidebar For Google Search Options allow you to change the size of the sidebar located to the right side of your Google search results. You will find three basic options for the size in a dropdown menu, Small (240px), Medium (400px) and Large (560px).  Click Save once you’re done with the settings. When you click a link in the sidebar, a new tab opens.

Sidebar for Google options

Although results from some of these services like Youtube and Wikipedia already show up for most Google search queries, the extension does not limit the results because they might not rank very high, rather it makes sure you see more results from that particular service.

Install Sidebar For Google Search For Chrome

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