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We Love Deals: Get Alerts For Price Changes On Amazon [Chrome]

Amazon is one of the leading names in online retail and since it delivers in different parts of the world, it’s an excellent service to use if you want to send a surprise gift to someone outside the country. Amazon isn’t just great for buying but also a good place to hunt for discounts and deals. The only trouble is, the number of items is large that you can’t possibly keep up with all the deals. At the same time, not all deals are important for you but you won’t know that unless you see it and that means a ton of browsing. If you’re always looking for deals and ways to save cash while shopping online but don’t really have that much time to invest, then We Love Deals is what you need. This nifty little Chrome extension lets you find the latest deals on Amazon by displaying them with image thumbnails and price details, in a slick pop-up. If you like a deal or product, you can click its link to view or purchase it on Amazon. Each deal comes with a title, price, percentage off, date/time and category details. Additionally, the extension’s button displays a count to alert you when new deals are added to Amazon.

After you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar to view the latest deals in a pop-up. The extension will show you the latest offers by date/time and you will be able to switch between pages, by clicking the page numbers displayed at the bottom of the pop-up. To buy a deal or to look up its details, simply click a deal’s link and you will instantly be redirected to its Amazon page. Finally, an easy way to share deals with friends on social networks might be another good feature for the extension.


Amazon extensions are really the more popular type that you will find. A great way to make this extension far more useful would be to allow users to monitor a particular item for discounts. Allowing users to monitor items that appear discounted as per the extension’s algorithm or to allow them to monitor items they might be interested in from the any part of the site.

The extension doesn’t require you to sign up with Amazon to keep track of deals and can be quite useful for people who want to save up on cash by quickly finding the latest deals on the store. The link provided below will take you to the extension’s Chrome Web Store page.

Install We Love Deals For Google Chrome

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