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Webpage Faster Makes Website Navigation Simple With Keyboard [Chrome]

Want to quickly find important links and information on huge websites? Webpage Faster, a Google Chrome extension, lets you quickly navigate websites and find important content on them. After you’ve installed the extension, a menu is displayed across all webpages you visit, highlighting all the links within that page. You can move and resize this panel, and access it through keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, you may search and multi select different links. This extension can especially come in handy for users who don’t have a mouse, and only have access to a keyboard.

Once you’ve installed the extension, a tiny blue button is added to any website you visit. When you mouse over this icon, you will be able to see all the available links on that page.


The panel/menu also comes with a search bar, where you can enter your query and get quick results. The pop-up comes with two buttons, M and S. Use the M button to move the pop-up and the S button to stick the pop-up in one place, so it doesn’t disappear when you stop hovering over the icon. You will also find a list of shortcuts at the bottom of the box. Use the up/down arrows for faster navigation, and hit Enter to select an option. Moreover, you can select different links by using the Ctrl button. Alt+Z allows you to toggle, whereas Alt+X lets you stick the box in one place.


This extension is specially useful for people who only have access to a keyboard, since navigation is made extremely simplified using Webpage Faster. You may grab it from the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install Webpage Faster For Google Chrome

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