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WebPutty – Make CSS Changes To Your Site & View Effects In Real Time

Making CSS changes to a live website isn’t something that anyone would take lightly but that’s not to say that you wouldn’t want to tweak and experiment every now and then with your site’s design. WebPutty is a web service that provides a safe way to make changes to your site’s CSS, watch how the changes would look on the site and implement them easily if you like what you’ve made.


To start using the service, which is currently in Beta and free for early adopters, you need to add a code generated for your site between the <head> </head> tags. To get the code, add your site’s URL and the service will prompt you with a code for the site. To generate the code at a later point, click the HTML tag icon on top of the website preview that loads for your website.

Once the code is added to your site, its CSS will load in the left panel and you can make any change you want. The changes by default are reflected as a preview only, to implement them, select the dropdown menu set to Preview by default and select Published. You can also export the CSS file with the changes you’ve made by clicking the export button on top of the right panel.

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