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WebView: Save Content From Web As Refreshable Clippings [Chrome]

WebView extension for Chrome allows you to save parts of websites as clippings in a custom tab. This tab includes all important images, text or other content that you cut and save from different websites. The extension is somewhat similar to newspaper clippings, and helps users save interesting parts from websites for later viewing. After the extension is installed, a scissors button is added to the toolbar, which can be clicked to select content from webpages. Once an area has been selected, it is then saved in a new WebView page. Moreover, content can be refreshed and minimized. Details past the jump.

When you click the scissors button in the toolbar, the webpage blurs and your cursor changes to a crosshair. Simply drag this cursor and select an area that you would like to save as a clipping. Once you’ve selected the area, click Done.


As you do this, a new WebView tab will open with your selected part. Initially, you might see the image being loaded, but after a while it will be saved. Each image can be refreshed, folded or closed. The Settings allow you to enable or disable the Close source once WebView launched and Save current records options. Each image can also be restored or cleaned.


One improvement to the extension would be to allow users to clip multiple items from a single page at once and then send it to the extension. The way it works now, each time a user clips something from a page and saves it, they are taken to the extension page. In effect, the user is repeatedly moved away from the page they are working on and the clipping process is interrupted. Clips are stored individually so that means you will have several clippings from the same website stored separately and that too takes up space in addition to making things more difficult to organize.

The extension stores your clippings locally and that means they will be available only on the same system that you saved them on. This is something limiting since you might want to view them elsewhere on a different system. Web clipping extensions are usually accompanied by a service at the backend that ensures you can sync your clippings to an online database and access them from anywhere. If you’re in the market for something simple though, this extension is good for it.

WebView offers users with a unique way to save text, images or other content from webpages. Install the extension from the link below, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Install WebView For Google Chrome

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