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What is my Email Address?

What is my email address

If you’re wondering, what is my email address?, look no further. It’s incredibly easy to find your email address, whether you use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or some other email service. You might wonder what your email address is if you need to share it with someone, if you’re signing up for an account that needs your address, or you have multiple email addresses that are hard to keep track of.

Usually, you can just start a new email, or use the app’s/site’s menu, to see your email address, but below are all the specifics (tip: at the bottom of this page is help if you aren’t logged in to your email anymore, but you still need to know your email address).

What Is My Gmail Email Address?

You can use your Gmail account to see your address on Gmail. Here’s how it works from the mobile app or the website (the steps are the same):

  1. Open the Gmail app, or open the Gmail website.
  2. Select your profile image at the top.
  3. Read the first line, next to your name.

email address in the Gmail menu

What you see on the website, or in the Gmail app, is your primary Gmail email address. Select it to see your other Gmail addresses.

Another method to find your email address is to start a new email. These directions are also identical on a phone and on a computer:

  1. Select Compose.
  2. Next to the From line is your email address.

email address in the new message window on Gmail

What Is My Email Address on Yahoo?

The easiest way to see your Yahoo email address from the website is to hover your mouse over your name on the main menu.

email address in the Yahoo Mail menu

Similar to the Gmail account directions above, you can also use the Compose button to see your Yahoo email ID. Your address is whatever appears next to From. Select the address you see to find all your Yahoo Mail aliases, if you’ve made any.

email address in Yahoo Mail compose window

If you’re in the mobile app, tap the menu in the upper-left corner to have the slide-out panel show you your Yahoo email address.

<file:yahoo-email-address-app; alt:email address in Yahoo Mail Android app>

What Email Address Do I Have on Outlook?

To find your Outlook or Hotmail email address from their website, just select your profile image at the top right.

email address in the Outlook menu

Another way to see this address from the desktop site is to press New mail in the top-left corner of the page. Your email address is displayed right next to the Send and From buttons.

email address on Outlook website

If you’d rather see it from your Microsoft account, go there (account.microsoft.com) and look for it directly under your name.

Got the Outlook app? The menu at the top displays your email address instantly. Just tap it!

email address on Outlook app

How to See My iCloud Email Address

If you have an account with Apple (i.e., an Apple ID), then you also have an iCloud email address (an @icloud.com address). The simplest way to view your iCloud email address from the website it to look through your sent emails.

  1. Select Mail on the iCloud website (after you log in with your Apple ID).
  2. Choose Sent on the left.
  3. Click an email you’ve sent, or send one now if there are no sent emails.
  4. From inside the sent email, select your name to see your @icloud.com email ID.

An iCloud Mail email address listed in a user’s contact card

You can do the same from the mobile app. If you’re looking for just your Apple ID, it’s easier to do so from your phone or tablet (see below).

How to Find My DuckDuckGo Email Address

DuckDuckGo doesn’t have a webmail interface or an email app to manage mail. This is because it’s really just an email forwarding service. Still, you can find your email address through the DuckDuckGo app.

  1. Tap the three-dot menu at the top of the app.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under Email Protection is your email ID.

What Is My Email Address On Proton Mail?

Perhaps the easiest of them all, Proton Mail displays your email ID at the top-right of the website. When you’re logged in, notice your address just below your name.

Proton Mail email address listed on the website

If you pay for Proton Mail, you can see your alternate email address (alias) from your account settings. Look for the Identity and addresses section. Their email app shows your email ID as well.

How to Find My Email Address on iPhone or iPad

You’re only a few taps away from seeing which email address you’re using on your iOS or iPadOS device:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select your name at the very top.
  3. The next screen shows your name again, but this time your email ID is also listed there.

ipad email address

How to Find My Email Address on Android

It’s possible to have several email addresses plugged into one or more email apps on your phone or tablet, but all Android devices also have a main Google account attached to the device. 

Here’s how to find that Google account address, which is also your Gmail username:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap Google.
  3. Listed at the top of the screen is your primary email address on Android.

 Gmail email ID listed on an Android phone

How to Find Your Email Address When You’re Not Logged In

Did you log out, but now you can’t get into your email because you’ve forgotten your email ID? No worries! You’re not out of luck, although it is going to be a bit more difficult than the methods we covered above.

One option for finding your own email address is to look for your email ID in your password manager, if you’ve been using one. In there, you’ve (hopefully) stored not just your email password, but also your email address

The next best place to look is any online account that you know is associated with your email ID. For example, let’s say you’re subscribed to Netflix. If you get account-related alerts sent to the email address you’re interested in finding, open your Netflix account settings to see your email address.

Maybe you stored your email ID in the Contacts app on your phone. Do a search for yourself to see if anything comes up.

Finally, even if you’re not logged in to any associated accounts, visit the login page for one of them. You might see your email address pre-filled in the login box. For example, the Microsoft account recovery page could indicate what your email ID is just by clicking in that text box.

What About My Email Address From a Disposable Email Service?

This is a bit harder because disposable email addresses are meant to be, well… disposable. They’re trashed shortly after they’re used, so there isn’t an account to get into to see your address like there is with standard email services.

Instead, you can follow the above advice for seeing your email ID when you’re not signed in. You might have it stored somewhere.

Or, if you’ve ever sent yourself something from your normal email account, you might have luck digging up that old email. In there will be a record of the disposable email address.

However, remember that a temporary email account was probably deactivated not long after you started using it. Therefore, learning what it is so that you can use it again, is probably a fruitless plan.

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