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WorkFlowy Helps You Organize Thoughts & Collaborate With Others [Web]

WorkFlowy takes simplicity to a whole new level and provides you with a better way to organize your brain. It is a perfect tool for distraction task listing and outlining. The web app basically mimics the way you naturally think, and gives you one place to manage all the information in your life. WorkFlowy comes with blank interface with no guidelines or categories, whatsoever. You can start by adding new items, notes, tags and more. Moreover, mark tasks as complete, edit notes, export or delete tasks. Once a task has been marked as completed, it is crossed out. WorkFlowy lets you stay organized, and makes it incredibly easy for you to keep track of lists. It makes it easier to focus on tasks rather then getting distracted with categories, label, topics and other irrelevant content.

To start off, simply begin with adding tasks or writing notes. Click each task to add more details or sub-tasks. You can rearrange tasks by dragging them up or down the list. WorkFlowy also supports sharing and collaboration for lists or sublists. When you hover your mouse over the bullet points, you will be able to view multiple options, such as Edit Note, Complete, Share, Export and Delete. Click complete when you’re done with a task, and it will be crossed out. To collaborate and share a list, click the Share option

WorkFlowy (2)

Each shared sublist gets its own URL that you can share with others. Anyone can view or edit the list, without having to create a WorkFlowy account. You will find two basic options; either click Let people view or Let people edit.


Once you’ve selected an option, a link will be generated for the list. You can then share this link with others, so they can view or edit the list.


This web application can also be used as a replacement for text editors and spreadsheets as organizational tools. WorkFlowy is free, and only requires a simple sign up. Visit the link below and give it a try.

Visit WorkFlowy

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