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World Clocks: View Time From As Many As 400 Cities [Chrome]

Whether you travel a lot or have to frequently talk to clients in different time zones, remembering how far ahead or back the time is in a particular city is, is never easy and calculating it is often frustrating. There’s the added drawback that you don’t know which country observes daylight saving time and which doesn’t. Chances are, somewhere out there, there is a genius who has come up with a way to unify time worldwide and he’s locked in an asylum. Until there is an easier way to remember time for different cities, World Clocks is a Chrome application that might help. The app opens a separate window with 6 clocks from leading world capitals which are added by default. You can add or remove a clock from other cities and view either digital or analogue clocks.

Once installed, the app launches in a separate window and needs an active internet connection to correctly calculate time (Don’t try fooling the app by changing the system clock’s time, it doesn’t work. I tried).

World Clocks

To add a city, start typing the city name in the add bar. If supported, you will see the city name and which country it is in a small selection menu. Click the city to select it and click Add. A new clock will be added to the six that are there by default.

World Clocks add clock

To remove one of the clocks that exist by default or one that you’ve added yourself, mouse over it. A small red cross will appear, click it and the clock will be removed. Clocks for cities that you remove can be added back the same way you add a clock for a new city.

World Clocks remove

The app, by default, shows only analogue clocks, but you can change it to show digital clocks by clicking the Digital button. It also support two themes, the dark theme which is the default one and the light theme that you can switch to by clicking Light.

World Clocks digital

So whether you want to call an uncle in France, calculate the time in different cities when on a connecting flight or just check if it’s a good time to email your boss who’s on an official visit to China, the app is an easy way to tell time anywhere in the world. There’s no doubt that there are plenty of apps out there that can run in the taskbar or that you can use from your phone to view international timings but the plus point of this chrome app is that it runs only in your browser and will not take up extra resources. Additionally, it won’t continue to run when you don’t need it to.

Install World Clocks Application For Chrome

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