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youRhere: Save Your Reading Progress Within Any Article [Chrome]

youRhere, a handy Chrome extension, enhances your online article reading experience by letting you save articles that you can check out or share later. Not only does it save the article, it also highlights and saves the exact line where you left off while reading. Once the extension is installed, all you need to do is double click a line in the article, and youRhere will save the article and the exact line for you. Moreover, youRhere also allows you to share articles with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you will notice a semi-transparent marker next to the mouse pointer. To save an article or a exact line simply double click the line and it will automatically be added to the list. In order to remove the marker, you can either double-click another line, or double click the marker itself. Users can also delete saved pages from the pop-up.


When you’re free and ready to read articles that you either saved or left off somewhere, click the youRhere button in the toolbar and a compact pop-up with the list of all your saved pages will be displayed. Each article can either be shared on Facebook or Twitter. The entire list can also be easily deleted by clicking the Clear List button.


Visit the extension’s options and you can change the highlight color. You don’t get an entire color palette to choose from, just a few pre-entered colors but they should be all you need. You can also change how text is marked, how opaque or translucent the selection color should be and if the extension should mark from left to right or right to left (of the cursor).

Since options to use different highlighted colors have been included, it might be a good idea to allow the use of several different colors at once to differentiate the text that is saved. Additionally, showing the color of the highlighter in the pop-up might make it easier to distinguish which text clip is which.

The extension lets you mark the exact line where you stopped reading and lets you save the articles to the list for later reading. youRhere is recommended for people who regularly read articles online. It is useful when you find a long boring article can best be summed up in a few lines and would like to save yourself the trouble of having to go through it again.

Install youRhere For Google Chrome

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