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YouTube Ratings Preview Shows ‘Like Bar’ On Video Thumbnails [Chrome]

Have you ever clicked a video thinking it was interesting because of the thumbnail preview and it turned out to be either boring or useless or both? Just as you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a video by its thumbnail and it is precisely why YouTube has a like bar. The like bar serves to tell users if a video is good or bad but the problem is you don’t see the like bar until you click on the video. Search results only show you the number of views for a video and you probably think, so many views can’t be wrong. YouTube Ratings Preview is a Chrome extension that lets you see the like bar on the thumbnail of a video in both search results and suggested videos, so you know if a video is worth watching or not.

Search for a a video, any video and as the thumbnail previews load, the like bar will appear on each one. Mouse over the thumbnail and a tool tip will appear telling you the total number of ratings for the video and the percent of likes.

YouTube Ratings Preview tool tip

The like bar doesn’t just appear on video thumbnails in search results but also for the related videos that appear next to a video.

YouTube Ratings Preview like bar

The extension isn’t just useful for telling if a video is entertaining or not, if you’re looking for instructional videos or how-tos, this extension will help you determine which are the best ones. Additionally, it should also help you avoid spam videos that promise you can stream the latest TV shows but are actually links to survey sites.

Without the extension, the like bar served to tell you if a video was actually worth the bandwidth it required to load, with it, you can tell if a video is even worth the click.

Install YouTube Ratings Preview Extension For Chrome


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