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YouTube Video Preview Shows Multiple Rotating Thumbnails In Chrome

There are many websites that display multiple rotating thumbnails of videos, except for the world’s largest video sharing site – YouTube. Showing multiple rotating thumbnails (clips) is actually quite useful since it shows more about the video than a single thumbnail. YouTube Video Preview is a Chrome extension that enables getting a video preview by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail of any video on a YouTube page (e.g. search result). This also makes it easy to identify fake videos by viewing more clips within the thumbnail of the video.

For example, the screenshot below shows a YouTube search result. Hovering the mouse over any of the videos will result in more thumbnails appearing within the same thumbnail image.

Video thumbnail

Another screenshot below demonstrates the different thumbnails that appear within the same video thumbnail in the YouTube search result page. In layman’s terms, after installing YouTube Video Preview, whenever you will hover your mouse over a video from a YouTube page (e.g. a search result), it will start showing more clips from the video instead of the still video image. This way users can get rid of one of the biggest irritants on YouTube, i.e. identification of fake videos. For example, if you are searching a movie trailer and wish to make sure that it is not a fake video labeled with the movie’s name, you can do so by previewing clips from numerous videos in the search result, in order to identify and open the right one.

Video thumbnail clip change

YouTube Video Preview Extension for Chrome

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