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ZangZing – Import Images From Photo Sharing Services & Share In Groups

When Google Plus came out many developers began creating extensions and services that would facilitate importing pictures from Facebook, Flikr etc., to Picasa. Whether there was any point to it all or not is another story but it makes you realize that not all your photos are on Facebook. Some are on other services like Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket and of course, in your computer. If you think about it, some of those precious photos might be in your friends’ accounts and not even in yours. ZangZing is a a web service that lets you pull photos from multiple image sharing services and add them to an album to share on either Facebook or Twitter, or via email. The service is meant to make photo sharing easy by allowing you to import images from all the different accounts you may have uploaded them to, from a single platform.

ZangZing lets you import images from a total of 8 different services; Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Shutterfly, Kodak Gallery, SmugMug & Photobucket. To get started, register with the service and start connecting accounts that you want to import photos from. The service gives you access to your albums as well as to the ones your friends have shared with you. To create a new album click on the green New Album button on the top or the plus sign in the bottom bar.

ZangZing new abum

Choose where you want to import images from. Albums are created in four simple steps. You can move between the steps by using the progress on top or click Next to move to the next step.

ZangZing add photo

Once you’ve added photos from one account, return to your account home view by clicking the button on the left which will move you up a level in your accounts. In the screenshot below, clicking on Facebook will take you to all your Facebook albums, and the button will be replaced with a Home button. Clicking the Home button takes you to the home view for accounts and you can pick another account to import photos from.

ZangZing home

Once you’ve added all photos, enter an album name. You can add further photos in step 3. Photos can be added individually or you can add entire albums. Set privacy settings for your album in the final step and share it with a group. You can make an album public or share with a select group of people. For private albums, your friends will have to sign up to ZangZing to view them. Based on the settings you choose, your friends can view, download and contribute photos to the album.

ZangZing privacy

The service lets you import contacts from different email services to make sharing via email easier, it lets you view all photos in an album as a slideshow and post comments to individual photos on Twitter and Facebook.

ZangZing import contacts

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