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Zerply – Create Unique Public Resumes & Connect With Professionals

LinkedIn doesn’t really have a close competitor; there have been several attempts to make an alternative for professionals to find and connect with each other but not many have had a huge impact. Zerply is one such network that may or may not live to replace LinkedIn but as a web service, it sure gives you a great way to present your resume. While LinkedIn is truly professional, Zerply is creative. It lets you connect several social media accounts and attach them to your resume, gives you a mobile friendly version of your resume and can import information directly from your LinkedIn account.


Whether you choose to use the service to connect with other people in your field, or to ditch LinkedIn entirely is up to you, but the service is great for comprehensively presenting your resume. It provides you with both a public and personal profile. Why is it better than LinkedIn? Simply because your information is presented better and is easier to find.

zerply step 1

To get started, sign up or connect with either your Facebook or Twitter account. Be warned that when connecting with Facebook, the service asks for access to a lot of information. If you aren’t comfortable with sharing that much information on a professional level, you might want to consider using Twitter or just creating an account with the service. Start off by entering where you live, giving a one line description of yourself, a brief Bio and tags that define your field of work. The service restricts how much text you can enter and thus keeps you from going overboard.

zerply import from linkedin

Once you’ve added these basics, you’re given the option to import professional and educational details from either your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Again, be careful what you information you allow the service to pull from your Facebook account. You can edit or add more information after it’s been pulled from either your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

zerply add service

Once you’ve imported the information, the next step is to connect with one or several social accounts. The service lets you connect with 20 different accounts. It will also give you the option to add a picture to your resume, you can upload one from your system or use the same one on your Twitter or Facebook profile.

zerply final step

The final step is to choose a design template for your resume. There are only three so far but more are expected so even if you don’t find one that clicks, you can come back later and change it. The service also provides a mobile friendly version of your resume for viewing it online using a mobile device.

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[Via Lifehacker]


  1. One thing I’ve noticed is that if you don’t add skills (editor, designer, developer), etc., there doesn’t seem to be any other way for you to receive endorsements.

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