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Zoom In/Out Of Web Pages With Different Zoom Levels In Firefox [Extension]

Web pages can be easily zoomed in and out by using different combinations. You can either hold Ctrl key and move mouse wheel in upwards/downwards direction or simply clicking Ctrl + and Ctrl – can be used to zoom web page in and out. Also the text size can be changed according to your needs from View –> Zoom options. Zoom Page is a Firefox extension which is designed to bring ease in zooming in and out of web page or text only. It requires a single click to switch between both zooming modes.

Moreover, it offers a list of pre-defined zoom levels, which you can change according to your needs. For instance, by default Firefox has a single zoom level, which means that it zooms in and out over a certain level. This add-on brings a way to configure zooming levels so users can change them whenever required. It offer 5 different zooming levels:

  • Default: 30-50-67-80-90-100 upto 300.
  • Level 1: 25-30-67-80-90-100-100 upto 400.
  • Level 2: 25-50-75-90-100-110 upto 400.
  • Level 4: 25-33-50-67-80-90-100 upto 400.
  • Level 5: 30-50-67-80-90-100-100 upto 400.

The default zoom level is always present so that you can revert back to the original position anytime.  You will find the extension in the bottom-right corner of the window where it shows the current page size with zoom buttons on each side. A right-click on the percentage will toggle the mode. The percentage written in red signifies that now only text size can be changed.

AddictiveTips - Mozilla Firefox

To change zoom levels, bring up its Options dialog. It must be noted that you will only be able to zoom in web page or text according to the defined range of zoom levels.

Zoom Page Options

At the time of testing, it supports Firefox from version 3.0 to 4.0 Beta 3.

Download Zoom Page


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