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Zoomy Automatically Enlarges Websites To Fill Empty Space [Chrome]

For people who spend the better part of the day in front of a screen and have to browse multiple sites, a widescreen means a better viewing experience but web pages that are viewed on wider screens show white space on either sides which is just a waste of space. If you’re using a widescreen monitor, you can either use the extra space to resize and fit two windows in it or zoom in for a closer look. For a closer look, Zoomy can be a useful extension. Built for Chrome, it will automatically zoom in on a web page when it detects empty space on either sides.

Youtube before

The extension works automatically and magnifies the webpage so that it fits in your window. The extension is set to auto zoom by default but you might not want to fit a web page in the entire window; just zoom it a little. You can manually set the zoom level according to your comfort level. If you’re working on a wide screen and using a remote keyboards it can ensure whenever you view a page or document in Chrome, it’s zoomed in for optimum visibility. You can also restrict the extension from auto fitting certain pages from the extension options. Pages have to be reloaded each time a change is made to the extension’s settings.

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