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Get iOS 7’s Wallpaper Parallax Effect In Older iOS Versions With 3DBoard

It is not really a secret that Apple often looks to the iOS jailbreak community for inspiration. iOS 6 offered Cydia-inspired features like Do Not Disturb, and the recently unveiled iOS 7 has an alternative to the famous SBSettings in the form of Control Center. It will be unfair to say though that only Apple copies features from jailbreak tweaks, as many tweaks are also inspired by existing or upcoming features of iOS. As iOS 7 is such a major update to the platform, it makes sense that a lot of developers are itching to bring the promised awesome features to users much before this fall, which is when the update will officially come out. There are already a number of Cydia packages that can turn your iOS 6 device into something much closer to iOS 7. 3DBoard is one such tweak, adding the newly introduced parallax effect to the SpringBoard of your iPhone.

3DBoard iOS Settings

The parallax effect added to wallpapers by iOS 7 is intended to give users an impression of extra depth on their screen. Basically, the wallpaper moves around whenever it senses that the physical orientation or position of your device has changed. So, if you tilt your phone to the side, the wallpaper on the Home screen shows some corresponding movement behind the icons as well.

3DBoard does not have an app icon of its own, as the tweak is completely configurable via the menu it adds to the stock Settings app. Even that menu is pretty simple, and doesn’t come with too many confusing options. The toggle at the top of the screen lets users enable the tweak, while the slider below it is the depth control. The more ‘Depth’ you add to your Home screen, the more zoomed-in the wallpaper becomes, thereby accentuating the parallax effect further. Too much depth, however, can also distort your wallpaper, so make sure that the image you are using for the background is of good quality.

On our iPhone 4S, running iOS 6, 3DBoard was a bit rough at times, but the overall effect looked pretty cool. The tweak doesn’t work on the lock screen, even if you are using the same wallpaper as the SpringBoard. 3DBoard costs $2.99, which might be a bit too much for a cosmetic tweak, but seeing the stir iOS 7 has caused, it might not be a bad investment for anyone who wishes to see what things are going to be like come this fall. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the jailbreak store.

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  1. Does drain the battery a bit, and it snaps back to its original 2D self when you’re opening a folder. Otherwise, very pretty effect. Looking forward to it on iOS 7.

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