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6 New Photo Editing Features Added In Instagram v6.0 Update

Instagram is the camera app that gets filters right and it’s just released a new version that brings 6 new editing features that take it beyond filters. The new features include adjustments for shadow and highlight, vignette, the intensity of the filters applied, adjustments for brightness, contrast, and saturation, sharpness, and light intensity. The update has been rolled out for both iOS and Android and changes to the camera viewer and photo editing screens have been made to accommodate the new features.


Filter Intensity

Ever feel a certain filter was too intense or too weak? When you apply a filter in the updated Instagram app, tap it and a slider will appear allowing you to add a frame (if available) and manage the intensity of the filter.

filter filter intensity


Brightness, Contrast, & Saturation

Each color correction can be managed separately. Tap the spanner icon to reveal the whole array of new tools that have been added. Swipe through the list and adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation; you can increase and decrease the levels of each one. Changes are reflected live in the image.

contrast  brightness



Warmth is another color adjustment added to the new app. You can access it from the spanner button. Swipe the tools until you see the Warmth button and then adjust levels for it.

tools warmth


Highlights & Shadows

These adjustments let you intensify the dark (shadow) and light (highlights) areas in the picture you’ve just taken.

highlights shadow

Vignette & Sharpness

The tools allows you to increase or decrease the vignette applied by a filter and the sharpness slider lets you adjust the clarity level in an image.

vignette sharpen


Finally, there is the light intensity to manage. The feature can be adjusted from the sun-like button you see on the main photo editing screen. Tap it and adjust light intensity to make your photo better. This is actually an improvement on the color correction feature that was available before. In the old version, the app applied a standard fix to your image but the update lets you adjust it to any level.

filter LUX



Instagram has definitely upped its game; users love the filters it allows them to apply but this update gives them more control over the filters. The new tools section houses a Tilt Shift effect as well. It’s the blur effect that we used to apply before taking a picture in older versions of the app. The tilt shift effect is available in the usual linear and radial shapes.

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