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Access Your Entire Music Library From iOS Lock Screen With Tempus

Gesture controls, playlist management and support for song lyrics might sound like features pretty standard to any music player, but imagine getting all this on the lock screen of your iPhone. This is what Tempus is all about. The tweak adds a ton of new music-related options to the iOS lock screen, along with a standalone music player that also works without having to unlock the device. Tempus offers access to your entire music library, complete with track info display, and the ability to quickly create temporary playlists. This multipurpose tweak also makes your lock screen perfect for scrobbling, thanks to the Twitter and Facebook sharing options available in the player mode, all while leaving the default playback controls unchanged.

Tempus iOS Brightness Tempus iOS Library

Once installed, Tempus adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app. Through this menu, you can toggle the tweak and alter the action that takes place when you double-tap the Home button. The available options include ‘Reveal Tempus’, ‘Reveal Media Controls’ and ‘Reveal Both’. Choose the second option if you don’t want to change things too drastically, but if you are looking to experience something completely new, go for Reveal Both.

When you play a song and go to the lock screen, it won’t look any different by default. However, swiping across the time bar reveals a few extra options. The extreme right view brings up a brightness control slider, while leftward swipes allow you to switch between time display and basic playback controls.

To view the full Tempus controls, double-tap the Home button (if you configured it in the tweak’s menu) or swipe downwards on the time bar. You can choose a playlist, artist, album or individual songs from this view. To create a temporary playlist, keep hitting the ‘+’ icon next to the tracks. This playlist appears in the ‘Query’ tab of Tempus.

Tempus iOS Album Art Tempus iOS Lyrics Tempus iOS Share

The controls we have discussed so far might be enough to meet the lock screen music playback needs of most iOS users, but Tempus has even more on offer for the most demanding ones. The ‘Player’ button located in the top-right corner of Tempus shows an area where you can view song details, playback controls and a seek bar. You can even tap the album art to view the track’s lyrics, and bring up the sharing options from the bottom of the screen.

Tempus costs $1.99, and you don’t have to worry about accidental music playback due to the way its controls are laid out. Head to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store to grab Tempus, and we are sure you won’t regret making this small investment.

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