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Add Toggles, App Shortcuts & Other Activator Actions To iPhone NC

Auto-Correction Switch became the first tweak to be based on Ryan Petrich’s FlipSwitch, and we are sure more useful tweaks will follow in its steps pretty soon. The developer of the FlipSwitch platform, however, is already looking to take things to the next level. Today, Ryan Petrich has released Actiwidget – a new tweak that lets you place visible toggles in the Notification Center of your iPhone, but here’s the twist: rather than giving you a limited number of actions to choose from, Actiwidget taps into the impressive action list offered by Activator. This means you can choose any action that a gesture can perform, and Actiwidget will create a visible button for it. Thus, everything from system toggles to shortcuts for third-party apps can be placed in the iPhone Notification Center using this great release. What’s more – you can even program a single button to perform multiple supported actions in one go!

Actiwidget iOS Settings Actiwidget iOS NC

It might take you a few minutes to figure out everything Actiwidget is capable of doing, but that’s only because the tweak is really feature-rich. For one thing, it lets you program a combination of actions against a single button. Suppose you want to make sure that your device’s WiFi is turned on whenever you launch the Weather app, Actiwidget can do that.

To configure the widget, you have to enable it from the Notifications section of the stock Settings app. The next step is to dive into Activator and look for the Actiwidget entry inside the ‘Menus’ section. A few actions are already enabled for the widget by default, but to unearth the full potential of Actiwidget, hit the ‘Add Action’ button. If you just want to add a single action against a button, make your choice and hit the back button to arrive back on the Actiwidget screen before configuring the next button.

All actions selected in one go get mapped against a single button, and come into action simultaneously whenever you hit it from the Notification Center. There is no limit on the number of buttons that Actiwidget can accommodate, but the more you fill it up, the more time you are likely to waste in trying to find the desired button.

Actiwidget is a free tweak, but you can’t find it in any of the default repos for now. To get your hands on it, you’ll need to add Ryan Petrich’s repository to Cydia. You can do that by heading to the Manage section of Cydia and adding the following URL under sources:


Actiwidget is a brand new release, so there might be a few bugs in it, but everything worked fairly smoothly for us in our testing.

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