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Add Any App Shortcut To iOS 7 Control Center & Customize Switches With CCToggles

It’s the most exciting time of the year for the iOS jailbreak community. Apple launches a new version of iOS that solves some problems and creates others, a public jailbreak tool is released, and then jailbreak developers come up with different alternative solutions to the new set of problems. iOS 7 is a great overhaul of Apple’s mobile operating system, but it has its fair share of shortcomings – especially when it comes to even basic customizability – that jailbreak tweaks and apps so eagerly solve.

We have already discussed how to jailbreak iOS 7, and have covered tweaks like ControlTask for adding apps to Control Center quick launch menu, and FlipControlCenter for changing the toggles in iOS 7 Control Center. Now we’ve got another tweak called CCToggles that is similar in execution to the aforementioned tweaks, but comes with some useful extra features that we have discussed after the break.CCToggles-Control-Center-custom-toggles-&-quick-launch-shortcuts cctoggles customize ios control center

Like FlipControlCenter, CCToggles allows you to change the stock toggles in the top row of Control Center. So, instead of having less-used toggles like, say, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth (I don’t use them much, if at all), you can choose to have VPN, Location Services, Ringer, etc. You can add more than the five toggles that are displayed by default. This adds pages to the toggle area that you can switch between by swiping left or right across the area. Toggles can be rearranged so that your favorite ones appear on the first page and the number of toggles displayed per page can be reduced to a minimum of four or increased to a max of six.


What CCToggles does extra is allow you to customize app shortcuts at the bottom, too! Replace Flashlight, Clock, Calculator, and Camera app shortcuts with any app you like or simply add more shortcuts and swipe to switch between the multiple pages that are created within the QuickLaunch area. As with the toggles, you can rearrange the shortcuts and reduce/increase the maximum number of shortcuts that are displayed at a time / per page.

CCToggles-Toggles-menu CCToggles-QuickLaunch-menu

The tweak comes packed with two special-purpose shortcuts as well: ‘InternalSettings’ , which takes you to the powerful hidden Springboard Settings menu that Apple left in public builds of iOS, and the ‘AppSwitcher’ that simply launches the stock multitasking area. Like

We tested CCToggles on a jailbroken iPhone 5. It worked without any hitches.

CCToggles is available for free under the BigBoss repo on Cydia. Note that you can’t have both FlipControlCenter and CCToggles installed at the same time. When you install one, the other is automatically uninstalled.

Be sure to let us know what you think of CCToggles by leaving a comment in the comments section below.  What’s your favorite iOS 7 jailbreak tweak so far?


  1. Tried FlipControlCenter, CCsettings and CCToggles and prefer CCToggles because as mentioned, you can also customize the app shortcuts at the bottom (referred to as “Quicklaunch” in CCToggles). The beautiful thing about this that was not mentioned in the review was that one of the Quicklaunch options of CCToggles is “Add Activator” so if you have Activator installed, anything that activator can do can be added to the app shortcuts at the bottom of Control Center making the options nearly endless. One that I added via activator was the contact that I call the most. Now there is a button at the bottom of Control Center that with a single tap makes the call for me. This app is iPhone customization heaven.

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