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Add Call, SMS, Mail, Social & Delete Shortcuts To iOS Contacts App With Gotha

The Contacts app in iOS is great when you want to set up a new iPhone by importing contacts from various sources but once everything has been configured, you won’t get a lot of options and features in the address book. After a contact has been saved in the app, you cannot delete it conveniently as that option is buried deep inside each contact’s own page. Apart from that, you can’t do much from the main contacts list as well, as there are no options available there. This is why tweaks like OneByOne Contacts and QuickGestures have been fairly popular among the jailbreak community. Both of these packages, however, have their shortcomings. While OneByOne is too limited, QuickGestures forces users to remember a lot of swipe combinations if they want to get things done. Gotha, on the other hand, mixes gestures with visible buttons in perfect proportion. The tweak  basically adds options like delete, SMS, call, email, Twitter and Facebook to the contacts list screen of the iPhone address book.

Gotha iOS Settings Gotha iOS Options Gotha iOS Delete

Gotha has a Settings menu with a couple of options available in it, both of which deal with the tweak’s delete function. The first toggle lets you enable/disable this feature, while the other lets you decide if you want to see a confirmation dialog every time a contact is about to be deleted. If you keep the delete button enabled, it can be invoked in the Contacts or Phone app whenever you swipe across a contact to the left.

To access other Gotha options, swipe across any contact from left to right. The tweak offers a total of six options in this list. The first three are pretty straightforward: SMS, call and email. If you have Twitter and Facebook information associated with a contact, you can get in touch with them right from the address book as well. If a website is saved against a contact’s name, you can visit that page by hitting the Safari icon. In case any of the respective entries are empty inside the contact’s personal page, the tweak informs the user with a notification.

As already mentioned, Gotha offers nothing more than shortcuts, and all these features merely launch different apps rather than letting you perform tasks from within the address book. Still, the tweak is really useful and adds a lot of utility to the Phone and Contacts app. Gotha fetches for $1.99 and can be found in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.

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  1. It is important to mention that if you use the email function Gotha will add it’s own signature above your own custom signature. Kind of a pain for a paid app (although I could see a free version having this)

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