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Add Complete Dialling Functions To The Control Center [Jailbreak]

Control Centre introduced in iOS 7 has proven to be quite popular and there are many Cydia tweaks that modify it, make it better, add features to it, or even give it a nice face lift. Addial for iOS 7 is one such tweak available in the Insanelyi repository for free that adds a complete call dialling feature to the control centre. The tweak adds three new buttons that allow you to add a new contact, manually input a phone number and dial it, and look up a contact and make a call. The purpose of the tweak is obvious; to make calling someone as easy as it is to answer a call on your locked iPhone.


Install Addial for iOS 7  and lock your phone. Bring up the Control Centre and you will see the new buttons that have been added by the tweak. From left-to-right, the Add button lets you add new contacts. Tap it and you will see the exact same screen you get when you open the Contacts app and add details for a new contact. Enter details and save. It’s useful for when someone wants to quickly share information and you don’t want to unlock your phone, and open the Contacts app. The Dial button gives you the traditional dial pad though it doesn’t quite resemble what you see when you make a call from the Phone app. It also doesn’t seem to match numbers to existing contacts. Enter a phone number and tap call. The Call button lets you look up a contact, search for one, and make a call.

addial control centre addial


Now where this tweak lends us great convenience it also comes with an obvious security risk. Our contacts are pretty much laid bare because the Control Centre can be accessed without needing to enter our passcode. We’re seemingly at an impasse here because we want to be able to make calls quickly without actually going to the phone app but we want out privacy. For now, there isn’t a solution although in a future update, it would be great to see the developer implement either a selection option that lets users choose whether or not they want the Call button to appear in the Control Centre. Alternatively, the Dial button, and the subsequent dialler that opens can allow us to search our contacts by typing in the name. This could give us some cover because anyone prying into our phone may not know who or what name to search for.

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