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Add Files To A Zip Archive & Share Them Via Email Or iMessage [iOS]

A zipped file is one of the most efficient ways to send files. A zipped file not only provides a single container for multiple files, they also reduce the size as much as optimally possible. Unfortunately, zipping files on a mobile device isn’t easy and if you use an iPhone, it’s almost unheard of. Bundler is a free iOS app that seeks to solve that problem. It allows you to add files from your device to a zipped archive and share them via email or iMessages. The app isn’t without its limitations e.g., you can’t add a file from the Google Drive or Dropbox apps to Bundler but you can add them from your camera roll or any app that lets you save files on your device as opposed to cloud storage. The app bundles the files into a file with a BNDL extension which must be changed to ZIP before your recipient can extract and view them on the desktop.

Install Bundler on your phone and then go to the Photos app. Select an image you want to add to a zipped archive and tap the share button. On the top row that lists apps you can share the image to, tap Bundler. If you don’t see it tap the ‘More’ button and enable it. After you tap Bundler, you will be asked to pick a bundle to add the file to. A bundle is basically the zipped archive that your files will be added to. Tap the ‘Pick a bundle’ option and select an existing bundle or create a new one. You can also give the file a name. Tap ‘Post’ and then repeat for all images you want to add to the bundle.

Bundler-add-image Bundler-file-name

After you’ve added all the files you want to your bundle, open the app itself. You will see your bundles appear here in a list. Tap the share button at the top of the bundle you want to share and select either your default email app or iMessages to share the bundle over. If you share the bundle over iMessages and your recipient views it on their iPhone, they too will need the Bundler app installed on their device to view the files. Sharing and viewing files over email is much simpler; the recipient will have to change the extension from BUNDL to ZIP and will then be able to view the files in it.

Bundler-select Bundler-share

Bundler is clunky to use at present but it still makes it possible for you to zip files and email them from your phone. The developers are working on a Mac app to help make it easier to view the files on the desktop and we can hope they decide to do the same for Windows. The concept of the app is excellent and should the process be made simpler, this app would become a must-have for anyone working on the go. The ability to add a file received over email to a bundle would be more than welcome.

Install Bundler From The App Store

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