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Add Gesture Control, Time, Date & Song Info To iOS Volume HUD

Those developers over at Cydia really don’t leave any area of iOS alone. Even something as small as the volume HUD can be enhanced quite a bit thanks to a number of tweaks available in the jailbreak store. HUD Pro is unique compared to other tweaks of its kind, though, since it adds some new functionalities to the HUD rather than merely changing its appearance. The volume indicator in iPhone and iPod touch devices becomes visible for such a short period of time that it goes largely unnoticed, but after you install HUD Pro, this is sure to change for you. The tweak lets its users perform gestures over the HUD to accomplish tasks like locking the screen, controlling music or viewing song lyrics. Even if you aren’t a big fan of gesture control, the volume HUD becomes much more useful than before by displaying complete time, date and music info above the volume icon.

HUD Pro iOS Subtitles HUD Pro iOS Gestures HUD Pro iOS Action

Once you have installed HUD Pro from the ZodTTD & MacCiti repo (a default source in the Cydia store), the tweak can be configured from the menu it adds to the stock Settings app.

A great thing about HUD Pro is that you won’t be asked to respring your device after making changes in its settings. To get started, enable the tweak. In order to replace the HUD title with something a little more useful, choose ‘Action’ under ‘Title Options’. The default title and subtitle can be replaced with custom text, time, date, battery level, song info or the name of your current Wi-Fi network. The developer’s attention to detail is apparent from the fact that you can even add a header text next to the items you choose for the title and subtitle fields.

It is possible to make the HUD transparent by toggling on the ‘Display Background’ option, but we advise against it since it effects the visibility of the text as well.

While that’s all for textual customization, you can make cosmetic changes as well. To change the volume without tapping the keys repeatedly, enable the volume slider (you will still have to use the keys to call the HUD).

HUD Pro iOS Volume HUD Pro iOS Lyrics

When it comes to gesture control, HUD Pro can let you control music, view song lyrics, lock/unlock the screen and create a new message. There are three gestures against which any of these actions can be configured. These include one-fingered double tap on the HUD, two-fingered tap and two-fingered double tap. If you choose the lyrics action, HUD Pro opens a separate window containing the lyrics of the current track.

HUD Pro costs $1.50, which seems like a real bargain for a tweak that is certainly going to be staying on a lot of people’s iPhones for a long time.

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