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Add Medium-Style Highlights From An Article When You Share It

Medium has a really nice little feature for sharing posts; you can highlight a snippet of the post and share it along with the link. It’s genius because it gives the perspective reader an idea of what a post is about. A link shared like this is also likely to attract more readers and get more people to read a post. The trouble is that not everything we read is on Medium. We read content that comes from a lots of different websites and the apps we read in don’t have anything like Medium’s snippet sharing feature. Meet Highly, an iOS app, and a Chrome and Safari extension that gives you the exact functionality on your iOS device and your browser.

On iOS, install the app and sign in using either Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for a new account with your email. Go through the brief tutorial and the app will ask you to paste a link to the article you want to share. Go to your preferred reading app and find one.

highly highly-copy-link

Paste the link in Highly and allow the app a few seconds to read it.

highly-paste-link highly-reading

Once the app has read the article, it is ready to highlight a snippet of your choice. Go through the article and select the text you want to share when you share the article. Select the text like you normally would in any other iOS app. Once the text is selected, tap the exclamation mark in the floating toolbar. This will add a red highlight to the text.

highly--highlight highly-highlight-tap

Tap the highlighted text and in the floating toolbar, you will see a share button. Tap it and select where you want to share the article to i.e., Facebook or Twitter.


The browser extension works really well. Install it and visit your favorite website. When you see an article you want to share, hit the ! key. You don’t need to hold down Shift. Just press the 1 button. This will activate the extension.


Highlight a snippet and then click the share button. You will need to sign in to Highly before you can share the link.


Install Highly From The App Store

Install Highly For Chrome And Safari

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