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Add Powerful Customizations To Reminders App On iPhone [Jailbreak]

With the native Reminders app of iOS being what it is right now, I think Apple has implemented this feature for smartphones better than a lot of competitor and third-party solutions. Since I actively started using Reminders for iOS, I haven’t really had the need to look for any other alternative, especially thanks to the geofencing feature that it offers. However, the beauty of any software is that it can never be perfect – theoretically, at least – and that’s exactly the premise that Reminders Pro for iOS builds on. It’s a free Cydia-based tweak for jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that adds a slew of useful new features to the native Reminders on iDevices. Let’s take a closer look at the offering just past the jump.

Reminders Pro iOS Cydia (1) Reminders Pro iOS Cydia (5)

The tweak expands on the existing Reminders app, and so, it works by adding different options to the reminder setting process. To begin with, Reminders Pro makes it possible to create actionable call, text, email and FaceTime reminders right from within the app, with the ability to perform the said function through a mere tap on the reminder itself. For instance, if I wanted to set a reminder for FaceTime with a particular contact, all I needed to do was set up an instance with “FaceTime <contact name>” and tapping the reminder will automatically perform the set action. Right now, the actionable reminders include calling, text messaging, emailing and FaceTime.

Reminders Pro iOS Cydia (4) Reminders Pro iOS Cydia (3)

The second highly-useful addition is a variety of repeat patterns, which include the likes of Every Weekday, Every Weekend, Weekdays except one particular day etc. In total, Reminders Pro gives you 16 new repeat scenarios, which should suffice even the most versatile of needs. Finally, the tweak automatically detects URLs and phone numbers within reminder notes and converts them to actionable items, just one tap away.

The tweak also adds a configuration panel under the Extensions pane in the native iOS Settings app, which basically allow you to set up keywords for creating actionable reminders, i.e., the words that the tweak will look for to associate it with a particular action. You can also set whether contact names should be matched with or without last names, whence for latter, you will be asked to specify which contact you meant should there be multiple entries in your address book with the same first name.

Reminders Pro iOS Cydia (2)

Reminders Pro is a highly useful and recommended tweak for all power iPhone users, especially if you rely on the Reminders app for organizing your day. Add to the mix the fact that the tweak is absolutely free, and there’s no reason not to take it out for a spin. It’s being distributed through the BigBoss repository over Cydia, and works full well with the 64-bit architecture of iPhone 5s.

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