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Add Seek Bar To iPhone Lock Screen Music Controls With LSScrubbing

As tweaks like Tempus and LSMusicGestures have shown in the past, the iOS lock screen has a lot of potential when it comes to controlling your phone’s music library on the go. An average iPhone user doesn’t need access to their entire song collection from the lock screen, while gestures are only useful to a certain extent and might even become annoying if you have to remember too many of them. Personally, the only thing that has ever bothered me about the default lock screen controls for the stock Music app in iOS is the lack of a scrubber (seek bar). The lock screen controls do include a slider to control the volume of the playback, and you can forward/rewind the song to some extent using the two arrow icons presented there, but it’s not the same as having a proper seek bar, which forces a lot of users to launch the Music app whenever they want to skip to the favorite part of a song, thereby killing the whole purpose of lock screen controls for them. LSScrubbing is a new Cydia tweak that solves this problem by adding a seek bar to the lock screen music controls in iOS.

LSScrubbing iOS Cydia LSScrubbing iOS LS

LSScrubbing requires no configuration, and is ready to be used as soon as the tweak has been downloaded. The tweak adds no SpringBoard icon or Settings menu, since it serves a really simple purpose. The scrubbing bar added to the lock screen by LSScrubbing is nestled between the playback control buttons and the volume slider. The bar’s interface does not look as polished as the volume slider, as it seems to be reminiscent of the UI elements that were used prior to iOS 6.

The great thing about LSScrubbing is that even if you aren’t using it to skip to different points in songs, it can still be of use. The tweak adds time indicators to either end of the scrubbing bar; the value on the left shows the time that has elapsed since the start of the track, while the one on the right indicates the remaining time.

LSScrubbing works only with the stock Music app for iOS, so if you are using a third-party music player (or Pandora), you’ll have to look for tweaks like ThumbsUp. LSScrubbing fetches for $1.99, which some users might consider to be a bit high given the fact that the tweak only adds one feature to the mix, but if you have been looking for something like this for a long time, the investment is totally worthwhile. Head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia tweak to grab the tweak.

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