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Add Time-Lapse, Independent Focus & Exposure, Aspect Ratio & More To Native iPhone Camera App

The stock Camera app in iOS is devoid of almost any extra features, and while there are plenty of third-party replacements available in the App Store, no app can beat the convenience of using the stock one, with its lock screen shortcut, smooth results and seamless integration with the camera roll. If you’ve always stuck with the stock Camera app, but still feel a bit envious of all the extraordinary features on offer in third-party apps, you don’t have to be torn between these choices any longer. What are some of the major features that you get with third-party camera replacement apps? These might include a countdown timer, independent exposure and focus selection, multiple kinds of grid overlays and the choice of selection a custom resolution for video recording. CameraTweak is a new Cydia release that adds all these features to the  iPhone and iPod touch Camera app. In addition to these options, the tweak offers a time-lapse feature, and lets you choose a frame rate for videos.

CameraTweak iOS Focus CameraTweak iOS Cam Options

The great thing about CameraTweak is that the new options added to the stock app will not make it slower, and are placed in an unobtrusive manner. The tweak does not add any extra menus to the Settings app, as all the options it offers are configurable right from within the Camera app itself. By default, you will be shown the independent focus and exposure reticles, along with the White Balance button. If you want to move the focus and exposure reticles in tandem, tap and hold your finger over them, and drag them to any new position within the viewfinder. To move them separately, hit the small lock icon in the bottom-left corner.

So, where are all the awesome features we were talking about earlier? The extra features can be accessed by hitting the circular icon added next to the camera button in the bottom bar. For photos, this menu contains the following four options.

  • Default Camera: The first button from left lets you revert back to default layout and settings.
  • Time-Lapse: This option initiates a time-lapse photography session with a user-defined interval between each shot.
  • Countdown Timer: To add delay before capturing a photo, hit this icon and choose a time period. You can switch between seconds and minutes using small icon below the delay value.
  • Grid Overlays: CameraTweak offers four different grid layouts. It is possible to switch between these by swiping up or down on the tiny icon.

CameraTweak iOS Grid CameraTweak iOS Video

That’s all for the camera section; now for the camcorder. The first button in the camcorder menu is the same (returns everything to default) but that’s where the similarity ends. The other three options are as follows.

  • Frame Rate: The horse-shaped icon brings up a HUD that can be used to change the frame rate of the video. You can go up to 60 fps. Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to change the rate and Set to verify your choice.
  • Resolution: Available resolutions include 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 640 x 480 and 352 x 288. If these values confuse you, there are choices like Low and Medium resolution available as well.
  • Aspect Ratio: The three choices in this option are 4:3, 16:9 and 2:35:1. This feature can prove to be really useful if you plan on importing your videos later into a desktop video editor.

CameraTweak is available in the BigBoss repo and costs $0.99, which is perfectly reasonable for something of this quality.

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