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Add Tweet, Facebook Sharing & ‘Add To Playlist’ Options To Stock iPhone Music App

You can make use of a lot of services for music discovery, but the songs suggested by people you know are always likely to appeal to your taste more than some computer-generated recommendations. This is why the concept of scrobbling has gained quite a lot of popularity over Twitter in recent years. If you are proud of your taste in music, and want others to share your passion with you, posting the title of your “Now Playing” track over social media is a pretty good idea. A lot of people use their iPhone or iPod touch as their primary music player, but unfortunately, the stock Music app in iOS does not offer any option to share song titles while listening to them. Of course, there are third-party music players in the App Store that let you do that, but a majority of iOS users prefer the stock Music app, which is what makes Scale such a good idea. Scale is a new Cydia tweak (released at the ongoing JailbreakCon) that adds a sharing menu to the Now Playing area of the stock Music app in iPhone. Thanks to this menu, you can share the title of the current song over Twitter (and Facebook, if you’re running jailbroken iOS 6), or via SMS and email. In addition to scrobbling, it offers the bonus feature of adding any song to a playlist from the Now Playing screen.

iOS-Music-Share-Button iOS Music Share Options

After you have installed it, Scale just adds a new button below the volume bar in the Music app. Tapping the button brings up the sharing menu for the current song. The tweak uses the native iOS sharing menu, so if you’re using it with iOS 6, you should, as mentioned earlier, get the additional option of sharing the song title over Facebook. Tapping the Tweet, Email and Message buttons will open the corresponding app with song title and artist ready to be sent. If you want to use the same text somewhere else, hit the Copy button.

By default, you can’t add a song to an existing playlists while you’re listening to it. With Scale, you get the Add to Playlist button, which brings up the playlist view, allowing you to add the current song to a playlist of your choice. You can even create a new playlist from here and add the song to it.

Scale is free and is one of those must-have tweaks that should have been part of the OS in the first place. You can grab it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Currently, the tweak doesn’t work with the iPad, but it seems the an iPad-compatible version is in the pipeline.

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