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Alkaline Offers The Easiest Way To Theme The iOS 7 Battery Icon

iOS 7’s focus on minimalism and a flat UI means that some of the elements of the OS might end up looking a little too drab. The battery indicator is not necessarily the most noticeable part of iOS, but there can be no denying the fact that it remains visible at most times. This means that there is a likelihood of users getting bored of the battery icon pretty quickly. Previously, we have covered Vox, a Cydia tweak that offers plenty of alternatives to the default battery indicator on iPhone. Despite the variety it offers, the icon replacements offered by Vox revolve around a single theme, which is a circular battery. Alkaline isn’t as feature-rich as some of its competitors, but it certainly has a sense of uniqueness about it. The tweak comes with the potential to support more themes in the future, even though it only has two available at present.

Alkaline iOS Settings Alkaline iOS Themes

The two available themes in Alkaline are named ‘Bolus’ and ‘Habesha’. Bolus presents a thinned-down version of the iOS 7 battery icon, which has a streamlined look to it. Instead of showing a bloated container in the status bar, Alkaline’s Bolus theme has an icon that might seem barely noticeable, yet has a grace of its own. This capsule can assume both green and white colors, just like the default battery icon. With ‘Habesha’, there is a set of disjoint battery markers that are placed end-to-end to create a complete shape. Each cell in the icon represents the remaining battery life with surprising accuracy, and can be particularly useful if you are not using the battery percentage moniker.

Each time a new battery theme is selected using Alkaline, the tweak requires a respring to come into action. There is a button available for that purpose in the Alkaline Settings menu.

The developer behind Alkaline means to make the tweak a repository for battery themes that are capable of working independently of Winterboard or any other theming platform. We hope that a lot of other Cydia developers start coming up with more Alkaline themes, because that is how the tweak is supposed to be used ultimately. Even now, it can’t hurt to give Alkaline a try, as it does not cost anything. Just head to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store and download Alkaline for free.

The tweak’s developer has put some links to let users make donations to a few really noble causes on the Alkaline main page, although there is no compulsion to spend anything for gaining full access to the available themes.

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