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Always Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea With A Timer To Get It Right

Brewing tea is pretty simple if you look at the directions on a box, or watch one or two YouTube videos. That said, tea has as many types and flavors as pizza (if not more) and each type is made differently. If you’re looking to learn how to make the right cup of tea, Mighty Timer is a free iOS app that’s worth checking out. The app is basically a timer and a recipe book rolled into one with the the condition that all recipes in are for tea. It comes with tea brewing recipes, complete with timer, temperature, and quantity needed to brew the tea.

Install the app and scroll through the short list of tea recipes. Tap a recipe that you want to make to see how hot the water needs to be and how much of the tea to use. Once you’re ready to make it, tap the ‘Start Brewing’ button to begin the counter. The counter is meant to time how long the tea cooks in the boiled water.

Mighty Timer Mighty Timer-brew

If you have your own recipe to add and would like to get a timer for it, tap the plus button at the top right. Name your tea, specify how hot the water needs to be before you add the tea in, set how much of the tea to use, and choose what type of tea it is from those listed. The app’s settings allow you to customize the alarm that sounds when the timer runs out. You can set the alarm to sound twice after the timer runs out, and set an alarm tone. It has a nice dark theme but you can set it to a light theme. The temperature units can also be customized.

Mighty Timer-add Mighty Timer-settings

The app is excellent but it does have its shortcomings. The app doesn’t let you scale the recipe for when you want to make more than one cup of tea. That said, the design and concept of the app is hard to criticize. Mighty Timer has a companion app for the Apple Watch.

Install Mighty Timer From The App Store

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