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Realmac’s Analog Camera For iPhone Updated With Support For All Albums

There are so many photo editors in the App Store that one might be tempted to think that every possible camera-related feature is already out there in one iOS app or another. The team behind Analog Camera seems to have realized that, since their app doesn’t try to do too much on the feature front, but is still good enough to be relevant in the iOS scene. The app’s interface is really minimalistic, which is to be expected from the developers of Clear. Of course, Clear is a to-do app, and you can’t compare it to Analog Camera, but the UI of the two is certainly similar to some extent. Analog Camera is a camera replacement app that comes complete with a collection of nice filters. The app has been around for some time in the App Store, but we didn’t get a chance to cover it until now. Today is a good day to write about it though, since it has received its first update that adds support for albums other than the camera roll.

Analog Camera iOS Analog Camera iOS Albums Analog Camera iOS Filters

In the camera view, which is the app’s default mode, there is just one button, and that too only lets you snap a photo. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that Analog Camera has no other features. By tapping the screen, you can choose where the camera should focus, while performing the same tapping gesture with two fingers brings up the exposure control.

To edit photos snapped via Analog Camera or any existing images that you already have on your device, just pull down the picture gallery from the top of the screen. Previously, only Photo Stream albums and camera roll were available in this gallery, but now you can swipe across the screen to access any album you want.

Once you tap a photo, it shows up in the Analog Camera editing screen. There are eight filters here in total, which might not be enough for some but would do for most users in our opinion. For quick preview of a filter, simply long-press its entry and for more detailed view, just tap a tile once. Analog Camera has some decent sharing options including Twitter, email and any photo-related app you might have installed on your iPhone. If you are logged into your Facebook account in the stock Settings app, a Facebook sharing button shows up in the list as well.

The latest update of Analog Camera is not just limited to bringing album support to the mix; it has also added several new languages to the app. You can give the iPhone/iPod touch-optimized app by shelling out 99 cents at the link given below.

Download Analog Camera for iOS

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