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AnyShape Brings Easy Selective Photo Editing To The iPhone

Despite the presence of some pretty comprehensive photo editors in the App Store, there are times when you just have to transfer a photo to your computer so that it can be edited on Photoshop. The most troublesome photo editing issue suffered by iOS apps is their difficulty in selecting a particular editing path with precision. You can try all you want, but it is next to impossible to achieve the neatness possible in desktop photo editing tools. However, if you are feeling too lazy to take your photo editing work to your computer, and want to do everything on your iPhone, AnyShape might just be able to help you. There are countless photo editors available for iOS, but in our opinion, none of them is likely to offer editing path selection options that are as convenient as the ones in AnyShape. The app is a comprehensive photo editor, complete with filters and image enhancement tools, but its main focus is on letting you select the exact part of the picture you want to edit or crop, and that is why AnyShape can prove to be useful for both casual editing and the more serious stuff.

AnyShape iOS Selection AnyShape iOS Filters AnyShape iOS Tools

You might think that because AnyShape offers a rather thorough functionality, using it wont be easy, but surprisingly, that is not the case. Instead of stuffing the app with a ton of useless options, the developer of AnyShape has kept things simple, making it easy to learn everything about the app in a short time. To help users get started, AnyShape directs them to an introductory video, outlining all the tools and usage procedures regarding the app. Even if you skip the video, AnyShape keeps presenting popups containing instructions for performing different tasks.

To begin editing a photo, you will have to import it to AnyShape using the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar of the app’s main page. Without selecting a part of the photo, you can apply photo effects to it, but for almost everything else, making a selection is necessary. The filters available in AnyShape include all the popular ones, like Sepia, Greyscale and Pixelate, among many others. You can also choose to invert any effect before applying it to an image.

To begin path selection for editing, hit the dotted square from the bottom bar and tap anywhere on the photo. This makes the first point of the selection appear on the image. You just have to keep tapping the spots you want on the image, and the app will define the selection automatically. You can fine-tune everything by hitting the black dots, and this feature really comes in handy if you want to accommodate rounded corners. The selected area of the picture can be cropped, or you can choose to drop a shadow on it. Other editing options include tinkering with colors, brightness, hue and saturation. The red-eye removal button is available in the app, too.

AnyShape has gone free for a limited time, and if you think this iPhone app can prove to be something of use for you, do give it a try by heading to the download link given below.

Download AnyShape for iOS

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