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Apply Live Wallpapers & Scrolling Backgrounds To iPhone Home Screen

Live wallpapers are no longer completely new to iOS, thanks to Cydia apps like LivePapers and Go Desk. LivePapers is great, and comes with a bunch of options, but if you are not looking to spend a considerable amount of time navigating through a lot of complicated features, you might want to avoid that app. Go Desk faces too many issues and a lot of people have complained that it causes SpringBoard crashes. Fortunately, now jailbreak users have a new option to get animated and widescreen wallpapers for their Home screen. LiveWallpaper is a new app that offers a truly one-tap way of applying interactive live wallpapers and parallax-enabled backgrounds to your jailbroken iPhone’s Home screen.

LiveWallpaper iOS Menu LiveWallpaper iOS Live LiveWallpaper iOS Empty

LiveWallpaper is a standalone app, so it adds an icon of its own to the SpringBoard. The app has two main sections. One half of the screen lets you use a widescreen image as the wallpaper, while the other deals with interactive, animated wallpapers. There is a parallax-supported image that comes with LiveWallpaper by default, but you can pick any photo from your camera roll as well.

For live wallpapers, you need to head to the Cydia store and search for animations that are compatible with the app. For now, there is just one, but we are sure a few more will arrive pretty soon. To apply the animation to your screen, simply select it and hit the ‘Use’ button. You won’t even need to respring the device; the wallpaper is applied right right away.

LiveWallpaper iOS Widescreen LiveWallpaper iOS

To make sure you can fully show off your awesome new wallpaper to your friends, LiveWallpaper lets you add a blank page to your SpringBoard. Head to the ‘Settings’ menu in the app, and toggle on ‘Empty Page’. The new page is added just after Spotlight.

Some might say that live wallpaper designers already have enough apps to work with, and not many of them are going to make items that are compatible with LiveWallpaper. Having said that, the app is free, and so is the default wallpaper that comes with it, thus it can’t hurt to give it a shot. LiveWallpaper just needs a few more animated wallpapers, and a lot of people might start thinking about ditching its competitors.

Like what you see? Head to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store to get a smooth and seamless live wallpaper experience on your iPhone.

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