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Get Update & Price Drop Notifications For Any iOS App With Apps Notifier

Ever since Apple started its crackdown on app discovery tools, vendors have started coming up with ingenious ways of slipping past the stringent App Store scrutiny, and pushing out apps that might help you in keeping your iPhone interesting. A few days back, we covered AppShopper Social that adds a dash of user-collaboration to app discovery. Push notifications are an important part of any app like AppShopper, but there are other tools available for different platforms that are designed to work in the background, and only alert users whenever there is something worth checking out in the app collection. For Android, Amazon App Notifier serves a similar purpose, whereas iPhone owners can now give the new Apps Notifier a shot. You just have to add your favorite apps to the Apps Notifier watch list, and then wait for any updates or price drops to come along. There’s is no need to even repeatedly come back to the app, since it is based almost completely on push notifications.

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One thing that a lot of users appreciate in the apps they use is simplicity. Apps Notifier is ready to be used almost as soon as you launch it. There are no accounts to set up, and all the users have to do to get started is to add their favorite apps to the ‘Watch List’ section. Apps Notifier does not scan your device to account for apps that are already installed, so the only available route is to use the ‘Search’ tab and add apps to the list manually. This can be done by tapping the ‘+’ icon that shows up next to each entry in the search results. For now, a maximum of ten apps can be added to the watch list, but an alert claims that this capacity will be increased in a future update.

By default, all apps are configured to generate notifications whenever any of their properties change. These properties include rating, file size, languages, description, title, version and price. If you want to be a bit selective though, you can uncheck any of these entities by tapping the arrow next to the app’s name in the watch list, and choosing the ‘tracking settings’ option. Other app-specific options include ‘view in iTunes’ and ‘remove from watch list’.

Apps Notifier is a free and universal app. You can give it a go by heading to the App Store link provided below.

Download Apps Notifier For iOS

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