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AppShopper Releases New iOS App Discovery Tool With Social Elements

AppGratis outlived AppShopper by a few months, but recently Apple decided to remove the former app from the iTunes App Store as well. Both the apps served the same purpose of letting iPhone users discover new apps with ease. AppGratis had a decent notification system, while AppShopper was great due to the number of filters it offered for browsing. There are other app discovery tools available for iOS, like Hubbl and Kinetik, but there can be no doubting the fact that a majority of users have been affected by the absence of the two most popular names in the app discovery genre. If you are among such users, your day might just get a little better after knowing that AppShopper has made a comeback in the App Store by the name of AppShopper Social. The app is better than ever, but hasn’t changed so much that you won’t be able to enjoy all the familiar features you previously loved about it.

AppShopper Social iOS Settings AppShopper Social iOS Push

Creating an AppShopper account in not mandatory for using AppShopper Social, but doing so grants you access to some additional features. Thankfully, existing AppShopper users don’t need to register for a separate account for the new app. Once logged in, you can change the default currency for pricing details, the categories you are interested in, and the settings for notifications. Much like AppGratis, AppShopper Social is capable of notifying users whenever one of the apps they own gets updated, or when the price of an app that is on their wishlist goes down. The app even lets you silence notifications during particular hours.

AppShopper Social iOS Stream AppShopper Social iOS App AppShopper Social iOS Share

To make the AppShopper Social experience more fruitful, head to the ‘Friends’ section of the app and connect with other iOS users. This is something that wasn’t possible in the previous version of the app, and makes AppShopper Social somewhat similar to the Hip app. The apps shown on your main stream are affected by your choice of friends but even if you don’t follow anyone, the default stream is good enough to keep you in the loop whenever an important release or price drop occurs in the App Store. You can filter the browsing or search result list by using category, price or type filters.

While viewing an app’s AppShopper page, you can add it to your ‘Wish List’ or to the ‘My Apps’ section by using the two check boxes present below the title. To suggest an app to someone – even if they aren’t on AppShopper Social – hit the arrow icon in the top-right corner. From the sharing menu, you can copy the app’s link, or send it to friends via email, SMS, Twitter or just about any social network you can think of.

AppShopper Social is available for free, and is optimized for iPhone/iPod touch. We just hope that Apple doesn’t decide to remove it from the App Store once again, so hurry up and grab it right now, just to be safe.

Download AppShopper Social For iOS

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