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How To Archive An Instagram Post

It’s no secret that we take a lot of photos. Digital cameras, and smartphone cameras have more or less eliminated the cost of taking photos. The photos don’t just live on memory cards. Social media makes sure we post the best photos we’ve taken. Instagram is built on that very tendency though to its credit, it has stood out from other social media apps with its filters. Instagram is an entirely photo-centered social media app. You can’t complain that someone posts too many photos on Instagram but you can argue if the photos are any good or not. If you’ve enthusiastically posted one too many photos of your car, or cat, on Instagram then you can hide them. Instagram has introduced a new feature that lets you archive an Instagram post.

An archived post is not deleted. It’s simply hidden so that your followers can no longer see it. You still have it and you can revisit it any time you want.

Archive An Instagram Post

Open Instagram and go to the profile tab. Tap the photo that you want to archive. Tap the overflow button at the top right of the image. From the menu that pops up, tap ‘Archive’. Your photo will disappear from your profile. Your followers will not be able to see it.

View Archived Posts

While your followers cannot see an archived Instagram post, you can always revisit it. Open Instagram and go to your profile tab. At the top right, you will see a clock-like icon. Tap it to view all your archived posts. You will be able to see all comments and likes on the post.

Unarchive An Instagram Post

When you archive an Instagram post, you don’t permanently remove it from your profile. It’s removed for as long as you like and you can bring it back whenever you want. To unarchive an Instagram post, visit your archived posts page. Tap the image you want to unarchive to view it. Tap the overflow button at the top right of the post. From the menu that pops up, select ‘Show on profile’. This will unarchive the post. Your followers will be able to see it again, leave comments, and favorite it.

When you unarchive a post, it returns to your timeline in its original place. It doesn’t return to the top of your profile as your most recent upload. When you unhide a post, your friends don’t see it again in their timelines as though it were a new post.

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