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Attachments+: Mail Any File From Your iPhone & Preview Received Attachments

Ever since it first came out, the Instamail app has been a permanent fixture on my iPhone, since there aren’t many other apps that let you attach multiple photos to emails in one go. If your iOS device isn’t jailbroken, sticking with Instamail is your best bet but if you do have access to the Cydia store, Attachments+ is the way to go. This new tweak endows the stock Mail app with a lot of new capabilities related to adding and opening attachments. With Attachments+, you can attach photos, documents, presentations and just about any file that is present on your iDevice. That’s not all; the tweak also makes the Mail app smart enough to let users preview files of several formats right within the app itself, without even opening Safari.

Attachments  for Mail Attachments  for Mail File Preview

Attachments+ supports preview for most file types but if a particular file is not recognized, you still get the usual ‘Open in’ option. This option can also be brought up by long-pressing on any file. To bring up an attachment’s preview, just wait for the thumbnail to changes to represent the correct file type, and then tap its title. The file will open within the Mail app, and you can browse through it thoroughly. The preview feature works for a lot of file types including .docx, .pptx, .txt and media attachments such as pictures, music and videos.

Now that we have discussed the things you can do with received attachments, let’s move to the method of sending any type of file to others from your iPhone. This feature isn’t as obvious, since Attachments+ does not add a separate button to the Mail app for attachments. However, fret not – that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go to different apps to select files. Just tap and hold your finger over any blank area of the mail’s body in compose view until the action menu appears. The tweak supports in-line attachments (subject to the availability of this feature in your mailing service). To attach photos in bulk, hit the arrow in action menu and select the camera icon. This will take you to the stock Photos app, from where it is possible to attach as many images and videos as you choose.

Attachments  for Mail Action Menu Attachments  for Mail ZIP

If you want to attach something other than photos, choose the green action menu icon (next to the camera one). This will allow you to attach files directly from iFile. Admittedly, not everyone knows where to find a particular file within the labyrinthine file system of iOS, but you will ultimately get used to it once you look around for a while. A somewhat unobvious feature of Attachments+ is its ability to let users compress files before sending them. This can be done by long-pressing a file name and selected the ‘ZIP’ option from the resulting menu.

Attachments+ is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store and will set you back by $1.99. The price could have been a little lower, but we aren’t complaining since there aren’t many other apps and tweaks that let you do what Attachments+ does.


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