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Auxo Adds System Toggles, Thumbnail Previews & More To iOS App Switcher

Some of the most popular Cydia tweaks started their journey to fame as mere concepts from ordinary iOS users. The magical thing about the jailbreak store is that it puts no restrictions on imagination. That is why Cydia developers can turn concepts into reality pretty quickly, and the latest example of Cydia’s true potential is Auxo. The tweak was released a few days back, but very few people could actually use it since it was exclusive to iOS 6. Now however, Auxo has been updated to work with iOS 5.1.1 and above. This App Switcher alternative makes the multitasking tray much more cosmetically appealing. No longer will you have to bear the drab app icons in the switcher, as Auxo shows snapshots of apps themselves, right in the tray. Though, cosmetic changes are not the only thing offered by the tweak; you also get better music controls and customizable system toggles. Let’s take a closer look at all its features after the jump.

Auxo iOS Switcher Auxo iOS Confirm

Once Auxo has been installed, you can familiarize yourself with its working by heading to the menu it adds to the Settings app. Apart from the tutorial, the menu also has an option for reordering system toggles. One thing that doesn’t need any configuration though, is the new look Auxo gives to the App Switcher. Just double tap the Home button and view the Auxo switcher in all its glory. Much like Android’s stock task manager, apps are represented by their thumbnails. To make things even more convenient, you also get to see each app’s name and thumbnail in the bottom half of the snapshot. To remove an app from the tray, flick it downwards; no more tapping-and-holding and then tapping the small crosses that appear on the icons. If you want to see Auxo do something even more awesome, try swiping downwards on multiple apps simultaneously (using multiple fingers of course), and watch them disappear from the App Switcher together. Even better, you can also clean the tray completely by long-pressing any icon. Don’t worry about accidentally removing all apps from the list this way though, as Auxo asks its users for confirmation before performing the ‘remove all’ action.

Auxo iOS Toggles Auxo iOS Music

Auxo keeps the music controls right where they are usually located in the App Switcher (left of the app icons), but you aren’t likely to recognize them at first glance. The bottom bar in the music section has buttons for pause/play, forward and rewind. You also get to see the name of the song, artist and album. Hit the button in the upper-left corner of the App Switcher to maximize the album art.

System toggles offered by Auxo include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mute, orientation lock, airplane mode and 3G. While you can’t add or remove any of these toggles, Auxo does let you change the position of each button in the App Switcher. To top it off, you can even long-press any of these toggles to get to their relevant section in the Settings app directly.

Auxo fetches for $1.99 but if any tweak deserves that price tag, it’s got to be this one! Search for it in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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