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BBC Olympics For iOS & Android: Live Text Commentary For London 2012

Dubbed the ‘digital’ Olympics, BBC has just reinforced that notion with the launch of their new BBC Olympics app for iOS and Android platforms. Bringing you extensive and detailed coverage on every aspect of Olympics 2012 when it begins, the app, whilst offering the usual news and other reading material related to Olympics, offers users live coverage in terms of text commentary by journalists. A true Olympic fan, this app is all you need to not only follow every activity, but the activity of your favorite team or country, based on your current location. Read on after the break to learn more about what the app has to offer.

Earlier we covered NBC Olympics for iOS, which was best suited to users in the USA and offered live streaming as well, in addition to video highlights. However, videos, be it live or highlights, were only available to users in the USA. With BBC Olympics, you may not have live streaming (as far as we can see), but video highlights are not region or country restricted.

IMG_0708 IMG_0709

The app design and interface is quite intuitive, and you won’t have much trouble accessing the important and fun bits. The Home screen brings you the latest headlines and news based on your current location, as can be observed in the screenshot above.

IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0712

You can keep track of important events you may be looking forward to using the Schedule feature of the app. Taping any event will bring you detailed timings and information on the types of events in, say, swimming, along with the venue as well.

IMG_0714 IMG_0715

Want to keep track of a sport of your liking? Simply tap All Sports to bring up a list of all the included events. Here, you can follow all news specific to that sport, along with some impressive video highlights. As with other news apps, there’s the usual related news and more to look into as well.

IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0718

If you thought tracking a specific sport was detailed, head over to the More tab, and you can browse through athletes and countries, which can further be filtered by sports and countries for athletes or by region for countries.


Starting July 25th, you will be able to track 2500 hours of coverage and be able to read through daily live text commentaries by BBC’s journalists. The app may seem a bit boring to some at first sight; however, it covers pre Olympic news and developments as they happen, and with roughly a week to go till the Inauguration, the app will soon be bubbling up with hot news and content as the stories and results break.

Download BBC Olympics for iOS

Download BBC Olympics for Android

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