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Beam For Reddit Is Yet Another Great Way To Procrastinate [iOS]

It’s the middle of the week and you probably know by now if the rest of it is going to be any good. In case you’re in for a bad week and could do with some procrastination cheering up, try out Beam for Redddit. It’s a brand new Reddit browsing app for  iOS and is designed to impress. You can leave comments and upvote or downvote posts from the app if you’re signed in though there seems to be no way for you to sign out. What sets Beam apart from other apps is that it isn’t just for browsing Reddit but also for discovering new sub-reddits. It has a dedicated discovery tab that shows you trending sub-reddits and the posts currently popular in them. You can view GIFs, play videos, subscribe or unsubscribe to a sub-reddit. You can also filter out NSFW and spoiler content and open links in Chrome instead of Safari.

If you’re a lurker and don’t have a Reddit account (or you just don’t want to sign in) you can still use Beam. The home screen is the Front page of Reddit though if you tap the button at the right, you can choose to filter it by top, new, hot etc. From this same screen, you can turn off videos and pictures to save bandwidth as well as turn off self posts and posts that are links to external sites.

Beam frontpage Beam

To discover other sub-reddits, tap the little spaceship tab. You can search for a sub-reddit or you can go through the trending ones. The Settings tab lets you enable NSFW and spoiler content (both are disabled by default) and you can also choose how the app opens links. The great thing is that you can have the links open in Chrome if you don’t like Safari.

beam discover Beam settings

To upvote/downvote a post or leave a comment on it, tap the relevant button at the bottom of a post. Individual posts appear as cards and you can open them in your browser by tapping the share button.

beam post Beam vote

Apart from the discovery feature, Beam only has the design going for it. Browsing Reddit with the app is pretty nice but we did notice it was a bit slow to load content. Other than that, this free app is worth a try.

Install Beam For Reddit From The App Store

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